Wool passion

Proudly producing the finest woollen fabrics for coats since 1967 when Paolo Bellandi , the founder, started the company. Today Bellandi still offer a beautiful and wide range of fabrics such as wool meltons, velours and doubles, as well as all of the new and higher-end luxury blends including camel hair, alpaca, mohair and cashmere with an unmistakeable Italian flair.

Looping the loop

Bellandi Ecowool is our very straightforward, enviromentally-sustainable business mission: cut back on waste whenever possible. Fabrics that come with this label originate from old rags that give birth to new fibres and bring new exciting fabrics to life while also saving on water and the larger-than-needed use of any additional chemicals.

Creating emotions

Unique fabrics for the high-end men’s luxury casual wear. Timeless archives, natural materials and strong creative attitude; all lead the way for making innovative hip new fabrics for the contemporary man who wants to stand apart from the crowd.

Curious and Dynamic

The lifestyle brand which offers an eclectic range of jerseys and wovens. Launched back in 2001 with a strong emphasis on design, fine quality and unmatched attention to detail, it is now a cutting-edge label for its sense of style with a modern contemporary twist.


Where italian talent was born

In the heart of Tuscany

The centuries-old textile hub of Montemurlo is just a few minutes away from Florence and its world-renowned arts beauties and treasures; the perfect place for us to get inspiration. A heritage that can be finally translated into work through the creativity naturally exuding from this unique land that also gave birth to unrivalled “all-time“ masters like Leonardo and Michelangelo, to name only two.

The highest craftsmanship

Creating excitement Creating a fabric is a rather unique experience for a designer, almost to the point of sheer excitement: one which goes down the pipeline–all the way through- with every worker and staff member until the fabric finally gets ready for delivery.

From greasy wool to unique fabrics

The best from all over the world

Sourcing fine raw materials and wools is a vital task here at Bellandi, and our team is strongly focused and committed to just find and buy the best. On one simple condition: it should all and only come from ethical and sustainable farming. Current markets into our wool supply chain include Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Quality raw materials

Expertise at your service: romance into our own recipes Wool blending is a form of art, and this is what we always do here at its best. Like any famous chefs -or like our own grandma while cooking at home- this not only is aimed at offering you the best value but also add some true romance to it; in that a Bellandi fabric is always the fruit of the deepest passion, knowledge and love.

Creativity meets artisan mastery

Innovations and Creativity

Is our own legacy of technical knowledge and skill combined with a never-ending curiosity for innovation : after all, this is what we strongly believe to be our key to success. Liaising with the outer world is the name of the game: a free flow of data and information, which comes and goes at leisure -between the factory and our customers around the world- in a constant strive for improvement; and in order to get the key nourishment and feedback pivotal to our business.

The "made in Italy" advantage

Creativity at its best R&D plays a major role here at Bellandi: an enthused team of fabric designers and technicians works alongside our crew of technologists to implement -timely and effectively- all of the stringent requirements taking place into this ever-changing and fast-moving business.

Knowledge of tradition, passion for the future

Craftsmen by own nature

We specialize and have largely focused into this game since our early days in trade. A vertical mill which includes a spinning preparation, blending, spinning, warping, coning, weaving, mending -all in house- with the last technical stages carried out externally through knowledgeable and locally-based dyers and finishers.

Legacy & technology, hand in hand

Legacy & technology, hand in hand Our ultimate goal is, quite simply, to offer a bespoke customized service to cope with everyone’s changing needs and find solutions, that is always done here through the work of well-trained and passionate individuals in love with their work and not just by cold machines.

Quality and excellence

Being in full control

Proper manufacturing requires dedication, devotion and years of practice; and nothing must be taken for granted... In short, a true passion for making things right while also following the highest legal and ethical working standards.

Ideas taking shape and turning into reality

Getting ready, at long last It takes weeks of hard work and skilled craftmanship to make sure our dreams may finally come true. After a long struggle of endless technical stages and “variations on the theme”, the fabric is finally ready for the enjoyment of customers worldwide.

Our SustainaBel project SustainaBel is a project born from the necessity of changing the way the textile industry works. As fabrics producers, we have seen a great progress in the realisation of recycled textiles, but a few efforts on making the whole production cycle sustainable.
It is vital, at every step of the production chain, to move towards a circular model and respect the environment.

This is why we came up with a plan aiming to be a 100% sustainable business by 2025: this means our company will nearly produce zero waste by that time.
To achieve this, we have set 6 strategic goals that will allow us to succeed in our plan.

Our goals


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